About the company

Technica Nova GmbH is one of the leading engineering companies in Germany. The focus of the company is on the areas of development, component manufacturing, construction and operation of offshore wind farms.

With over 20 years of experience we are able to assist our customers in all challenges. This enables us to guarantee maximum quality standards for projects and plans. Hereby your individual needs in the foreground.

The brains behind Technica Nova

We are Technica Nova.

Florian Biehl

Dr. Florian Biehl was born in Munich in 1976, studied civil engineering with a focus on structural design at the Technical University of Dortmund and earned his doctorate in shipbuilding at the Technical University of Hamburg.

Since 2007, he has held various positions in the development, planning and realization of offshore wind farms.

Reiner Kruska

Reiner Kruska was born in Papenburg in 1966. After completing his vocational training, he studied materials engineering.

He worked in the field of machine development and later in the construction and operation of industrial plants such as industrial power plants, waste incineration plants and foundries.

Since 2008, he has been providing engineering services in the field of approval, planning, construction and operation of offshore wind farms. He is an appointed expert for offshore substations and wind turbines.

Thomas Köther

Thomas Köther was born in Wolfsburg in 1967 and studied mechanical engineering with a focus on materials technology at the BHT (Berlin University of Applied Sciences).

Since 2006, he has been working exclusively in the field of offshore wind. As head of a working group, Thomas Köther played a leading role in the BSH Standard Design 2015.

The core aspects of the company

The Technica Nova Concept

The offer consists of individually bookable services up to the entire project support. We look after your project in phases or completely, as you wish. If you have any questions about our services, please have a look at the respective page or ask us via the contact form. 

The areas of operation of our team

Technica Nova GmbH has more than 150 experts in the fields of:

Audits (project, product, process, risk)

Concrete construction

Electrical engineering

Permit Management

Corrosion protection

Mechanical Engineering

Project management

Steel construction

Welding technology

Non-destructive material testing


The shareholders of Technica Nova GmbH are German Power Consult GmbH, PM Plantmanagement GmbH and Thomas Köther Assessment GmbH. Its shareholders are Dr. Florian Biehl, Thomas Köther and Reiner Kruska. The project references of these shareholders are listed under "References", indicating the company that provided the services.